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Company Bio | A Southern Family Owned and Operated Company.

John & Leigh Anne Linder started LinderWEB® in Cumming, GA the summer of 2002 as a technology store completely focused on providing residents of the community with impeccable computer service.  John was aware of the responsibilities necessary since he had originally owned Computer Connection 2000 during the 1990's in Orlando, FL, which provided hardware & software upgrades, computer repairs, network analysis and computer support for individuals & businesses.  The company also built a full service training facility which offered customers classes in computer software, office suites, safe internet surfing, internet browsing & identity theft protection.

As Computer Connection 2000 grew, it expanded it's scope to offer support to a variety of larger business clients - including the local Police department in Clermont, FL.  The business began offering internet access to the public in 1998.  Remember the old dial up account?  The company grew into a successful full service computer center in 5 years with over 300+ private and business customers.  Now, we have expanded to Georgia!  We are located just North of Atlanta in the gorgeous lake community of Cumming.  We offer the same premium service, perfected over 15 years of practice that all of our customers have come to enjoy!

LinderWEB® offers all the convenience and experience that may be found in much larger corporations.  We believe in putting a face to the voice approach, with hands on interaction with all our customers.  We consistently bring strong Southern values into the workplace, combined with an impeccable service philosophy that has delivered a 100% customer satisfaction rating.  Our rates are competitive, our employees are thoroughly background checked, our workplace is drug-free and our support is always (24/7 Support) available for our customers needs!

We focus on personalized service designed to meet the unique needs of each customer, whether an individual or small business. We will continue to modify and update our procedures to keep pace with industry developments as well as the continually changing needs of our customers.

John G. Linder - CEO LinderWEB® LLC.

Professional Services | Quick Reference of Services we Provide to our Customers.

COMPUTER SERVICES - Complete computer service center offering a complete set of services for all your computer needs.
NETWORK SERVICES - Cisco certified technician & engineers are ready to get your company's network fast, safe & secure.
WIRELESS SERVICES - Trained technicians can setup, diagnose & SECURE your wireless routers, access points & network.
SOFTWARE SERVICES - Need to make a software upgrade.  Let us help you make the seamless transition to the latest version.
DATA MIGRATION - Upgradingyour systems and need all of your data.  We can make it painless without any data loss.
BUSINESS NETWORKS - Blade centers, enterprise security, software deployment.  We can handle all of your needs.
FIBER OPTICS - Fiber splicing, fiber testing, OTDR, Test & Turn up of Cisco ONS 454 & ONS 15800.
HiFi ELECTRONICS - Design, recommend & install any combination of equipment to fit your specialized needs.
THE HELPDESK - A strong team of engineers, technicians & analyst can can assist you with all of your technical questions.

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Alpha Team
These Teams are The Best of the Best. The Men who Make it Happen.

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John Linder - CEO Atlanta, GA Reach Out & Touch Someone [GA] Frank - Lead Fiber Splicer [AL] Donny - Lead Fiber Tech [GA] Rich T - OPS Field Engineer [GA] Rich S - Optical Test Engineer [NY]

Bravo Team
We Test and Turn Up Some of America's Hottest Equipment.

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Chad - Lead Fiber Splicer [SC] Clean Distribution [GA] Optical Gig-E Project Site Arrival Optical Gig-E Project The Team Optical Gig-E Project Fiber Distribution Optical Gig-E Project Completion

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